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Devotional Messages

Beginning in April 2012, the web site features a devotional message each month (more or less). The video link is ASL, the other link is to the video accompanied by text.

   August 2016

Mary Ann Deters
Isaiah 5.1-17

   June 2016

Billy Deters
Revelation 21.12-21

   May 2016

Disability and Deaf Meeting
White Rock UMC

   April 2016

Mary Ann Deters
John 20.19-31

   February 2016

Scott Burley
Ephesians 4.30

   January 2013

no video

Tim Vermande
Deaf history

   December 2012

(no video)

Michelle Martin
Luke 1.26-38

   October-November 2012

Carol Williams
Proverbs 14.1

   September 2012

Barbara Reynolds
John 14.27

   August 2012

Diana Williams
Proverbs 3.5

   June-July 2012

Tom Hudspeth
1 Corinthians 12.12-13

   May 2012

Charles "Chas" Wirick
Luke 10:25-35

   April 2012

Lisa Jordan
Ephesians 2:11-22

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