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The 2011 edition of Breaking the Sound Barrier in Your Church: Ministry & Mission With People who are Hard of Hearing or Late-Deafened includes the CART system, and is now available as an Adobe PDF file.
Adobe PDF Click here to download Breaking the Sound Barrier.
cover of Breaking the Sound Barrier, shows people holding hands to their ears
Disability Concerns video from Baltimore-Washington Conference, a captioned video that explores accessibility and hearing accommodations in several churches.
Deaf Ministry: Ministry Models for Expanding the Kingdom of God, second edition, by Leo Yates Jr.
Read a review at the UM Disability blog. Available from Amazon or Barnes and Noble.
cover of Deaf Ministry.
Interpreting at Church: A Paradigm for Sign Language Interpreters, fourth edition, by Leo Yates Jr. cover of Interpreting at Church
Deaf Ministry: Make a Joyful Silence, Peggy A. Johnson and Robert L. Walker, 2007. cover of Make a Joyful Silence.
Signs of Love: A Guide for Deaf Ministry by Lori Buck, an introduction to Deaf culture and ministry. Bishop Peggy Johnson says that the book "gives numerous creative suggestions for ministry, not only in the context of the worship service but in the life of the church at large."
ISBN: 978-0-8170-1753-8, 160 pages
cover of Signs of Love, shows an aqua background with the sign I Love You.
Speaking Out: Gifts of Ministering Undeterred by Disabilities, Robert L. Walker, ed., 2012.
Read about this book at the United Methodist Association of Ministers with Disabilities website.
cover of Speaking Out, shows a painting of a circle of people

  • Deaf Culture Our Way, Samuel K. Holcomb and Thomas K. Holcomb, 2011.

  • Deaf in America: Voices From a Culture, Carol Padden and Tom Humphries, 1990.

  • A Guide to Deaf Ministry, DeAnn Sampley, 1990.

  • Hear and Now (documentary)

  • See What I’m Saying (documentary)

  • Sound and Fury (documentary)

  • Switched at Birth (drama, television show on ABC Family)

  • Through Deaf Eyes (documentary)

By listing organizations, companies, or other sources of interest to our constituents, the United Methodist Committee on Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Ministries does not recommend, endorse, or otherwise offer preference for any such entity. All listings are reports only, and are open equally to any entity offering suitable services.