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Vision Statement

To share Jesus' love by equipping and advocating access through effective communication and leadership among the diverse deaf community.

About the Committee

logo of Committee, a set of interlocking circles. Inside the circles are the words resources, mission, teaching, funding, ministries; around the outer circle are heard of hearing, deaf-blind, late deafened, Deaf In 1992, the General Conference of the United Methodist Church established the National Committee on Deaf Ministries as a mission initiative (renewed at each General Conference.)

As its mission expanded to include all people with hearing loss, the committee broadened its name to reflect the diversity of the population it represents. It is now known as the United Methodist Committee on Deaf and Hard of Hearing Ministries or DHM.

The committee operates under the auspices of the General Board of Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church.

Ten members make up the Committee as follows: two people who are Deaf, two late-deafened, two hard of hearing, one DeafBlind person, as well as one deaf institutional ministry professional, and two clergy with experience in ministry with people who are Deaf, late-deafened, hard of hearing, and DeafBlind.

The Committee strives to be inclusive with regard to gender, ethnicity, jurisdiction, and different sign language and hearing abilities.

Read our General Conference authorization here.

Committee Members

Rev. Willy Banza, Central Conference liaison and South Central Jurisdiction, hearing, clergy
Willie Banza
Bryan Branson, President, Western Jurisdiction, Deaf, lay
Bryan Branson
Rev. Dan Bryant, GBGM Board Representative, North Central Jurisdiction, hearing, clergy
Dan Bryant
Mary Ann Deters, Southeast Jurisdiction, Deaf, lay
Mary Ann Deters
Kathleen Griffith, General Board of Global Ministries
Kathleen Griffith
Zach Holler, North Central Jurisdiction, Deafblind, clergy
Zach Holler
Rev. Thomas Hudspeth, Consultant, South Central Jurisdiction, Hard of hearing, clergy
Tom Hudspeth
Bishop Peggy Johnson, ex officio, Northeast Jurisdiction
Peggy Johnson
LaSander “Sandy” Saunders, Southeast Jurisdiction, late Deafened, lay
LaSander Saunders
Carol Stevens, Northeast Jurisdiction, hearing, lay
Carol Stevens
Lynn Swedberg, Disability Ministries Committee of the UMC, Western Jurisdiction, Deaconess
Lynn Swedberg
Tim Vermande, Communications, post-paralytic hearing loss, North Central Jurisdiction, lay
tim Vermande
Roy White, Treasurer, Northeastern Jurisdiction, Deaf, lay
Roy White
Rev. Leo Yates jr., Northeast Jurisdiction, hearing, clergy
Leo Yates

Our committee is seeking for balance of jurisdictions, ethnic, hearing, Deaf, hard-of-hearing, Deafblind, lay, clergy, age and gender. If you sense God calling you to serve on our committee, please see our Membership Guidelines and contact the committee vice-president.

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