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Congregational Resources

Best Practice / Brief Guides

These guides, which are frequently updated, are intended to provide the best practices and a guide to getting starting in a particular area of ministry.

Brochures for Deaf Ministry

These brochures can be used for Deaf Awareness Sunday, or for exhibit tables to raise awareness.

Bulletin Inserts

Other Guides

  • The 2011 edition of Breaking the Sound Barrier in Your Church: Ministry & Mission With People who are Hard of Hearing or Late-Deafened includes the CART system, and is now available as an Adobe PDF file. The original edition was written by Bob Walker. The booklet provides much useful information on how to minister to late-deafened and hard of hearing people. The booklet was created by UMCD's Committee on Church Promotion. The National Committee supplied a grant to cover the production cost.  
    Click here to download Breaking the Sound Barrier Adobe PDF.

  • “Create Deaf-Friendly Worship with Hospitality” by Leo Yates Jr. is available from UM Insight and the UM Disability Blog
  • The Mardy Walker Memorial Assistive Listening System is available for Committee use and can be loaned to congregations for trial. Rev. Beth Chenault of Strawbridge first borrowed the system from the Committee, to see if it would meet the needs of persons in their new worship service. Then a Committee grant allowed her to buy a system for worship.
    Read about the Mardy Walker Memorial Assistive Listening System, including how to borrow it for evaluation in your church.
  • Online Sign Language Classes and Dictionary directory (May 2018)
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  • Learn about the UMC ASL Glossary project, which produced ASL signs for many church terms.

Deaf Ministry Consulting

  • DHM offers a variety of services such as ASL tutoring, consultation, and resource persons to help you start and promote a ministry. Contact us for assistance.