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Leo Yates signs the Lord's prayer at a service

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Blog: Online and Virtual Gatherings: Inclusion for Deaf and Hard-of-Heaering Members (March 2020)

Lovers Lane UMC Deaf Ministry, 20th Anniversary Panel Discussion (February 2020)

Comparison of Proposals to General Conference 2020, UM News (January 2020)

Bishop Mande Muyombo offers a confession (January 2020)

January newsletter

Ghana Deaf church receives gift of projector (December 2019)

2019 Grants awarded

What's Happening

July 19-25, 2020
Joint conference of ELDA, UMCD, and UMC-DHM
Lake Buena Vista FL
July 19-21: Certified Lay Servant class information and registration
July 21-25: Finding the Hero In You conference information and registration

Deaf Ministry Summit
August 7-8, 2020, Grace UMC, Philadelphia